My Download Links Won't Work




  • Rob Harge


    Just wanted to make mention that I have been having a hard time getting the information I have been trying to regain access to the origin contents I have purchased.

    Once again I have made the purchase around 4/7/2018 with me PayPal account for the "Music There in a day".

    Please advise

  • Ryon shorter

    How can I renew my link I just biut it

  • Fadaelp

    I love and truly benefit and advertise your skills after completing both your "How to mix beats easily" and 

    "Mixing Academy" courses and I want to sharpen my knowledge of the courses but I'm very upset at how I've

    sent you guys like 4 emails explaining that I bought those courses on "6/12/17" for Mix beats easily and 

    "6/24/17" for Mixing Academy and my download links are not working. I have a client that needs Mixing 

    done and its been awhile since i've touched my FL Studio. PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK THE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR THOSE COURSES. I'VE ALREADY EMAILED YOU THE RECEIPT FOR ONE OF THEM! LET ME KNOW IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION PLEASE. I bought Mixing academy under the email of,  Order #30947 and the mix beats easily had invoice ID: BWB-30583

    under the email of I boutght these in 2017.

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